EvaluaTech has diverse team of specialists to customize solutions for clients to evaluate the value for money and performance monitoring of grants and investments through efficient utilization of technological advancements.


Muhammad Akram

Founder/CEO of EvaluaTech, Akram has worked for 10 years with projects by World Bank, USAID, and DFID in Pakistan, & USA. He’s Atlas Corps alumnus of US State Dept.’s EGLI, & Eastern Mennonite University (USA).


Gigi Raffo

Gigi is digital media specialist and has worked with World Bank, Google, Organization of American States, and similar industry in Americas and Europe.


Dr. Asim Nasar

With PhD in women economic empowerment, Asim has extensively published research studies. He has worked with PYXERA Global (USA), projects by UK-Aid and Malaysian university.


Dr. Hilton Ndi

Hilton specializes in evaluation design and data with various agencies of international development. He leads in strategic details in evaluations’ performance delivery.


Amira Elfadil

Amira is public health monitoring expert, and has worked with for 10 years with WHO, UNDP, JICA, and ICRW. She is University of Washington (USA) graduate.


Umer Dil

Umer has 15 years monitoring experience, mainly with UN organizations in Pakistan. He specializes for implementations in high-risk and fragile settings.


Dr. Rizwan Safdar

With PhD in Sociology, Rizwan specializes in training and digital advocacy for grass-root issues.


Rodrigue M.

Rodrigue guides on strategy and situation analysis. He combines conflict studies & cyber security experience at UN Peace Mission.

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