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EvaluaTech provides advanced technical solutions for communities and investors in order to visualize the performance track with 360-degree satisfaction level.

Tech Solutions

We render services using reliable, user-friendly techno interfaces for stakeholders by transforming the complexity.


We believe to maximize impacts and profits intended by investors but with assurance to enhance audience benefits and capacity.

Global Expertise

We exchange reviews by experts from third country which gives impartial standard to our services to enhance the quality.

Research & Evaluation

We provide services to evaluate feasibility of idea, impacts of systems, intervention projects, and innovative products with the support of our experienced and international team that meet terms of stakeholders’ requirement and interest.

Big Data Analytics

Our technical experts offer simplified solutions to design projects for the satisfaction of communities and investors. Instant and multi-purpose reports from information management systems are primary focus of EvaluaTech.

Investments’ Efficiency

Value for the investments is primary concern for all stakeholders in a project. EvaluaTech has sound expertise to ensure productivity of grants and funds on technical grounds, and present cost benefit analysis from minors to majors.

About Us

We measure performances of organizations and projects per advance efficiency models. EvaluaTech values investments’ tracks for impact utilization to enhance performances.

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